Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few considerations to take into account prior to starting a project. Martin Construction maintains a fully staffed office where knowledgeable employees are always ready to answer your questions and concerns.

Should I remodel or should I sell?

This sometimes difficult decision should be considered cautiously with attention to several key variables, such as real estate comparables, remodeling activity in your neighborhood, the desirability of your neighborhood because of good schools, shopping, tolerable traffic, etc., and the net cost to you if you buy a larger and more expensive home elsewhere.

Why should I consider selecting a more recognizable company like Martin Construction and not the lowest price?

There are many compelling reasons to choose legitimate remodeling companies with experience and credentials, the same reasons you do business in other areas of your life with organizations and individuals with a verifiable track record. We are amazed that so many people choose so-called remodelers with no business structure or experience to alter or add on to their single largest investment, their homes. Good hands-on skills such as carpentry do not alone make a viable company. Martin Construction operates out of an office and employs our own carpenters, which means you have a person to talk to during normal business hours and the majority of the work is done by our own people. Our company has both in-staff and out-staff design capabilities, depending on your needs. A good business relationship with our subcontractors and suppliers equates to a great customer relationship and a high quality job.

What positive things do I look for in a remodeling company?

Look for a company eager to give you solid, local references and affiliations and to show you some of their work (even in progress). You want a company who often does the kind of work you are considering (Kitchens, Baths, additions, etc.) and of the quality you hope for. The companies you interview should readily explain how projects are run and in some cases even introduce you to selected personnel. A professional contractor is one who takes care of its employees and operates as a business with appropriate documentation, permits and licenses.

What negative things do I look for in a remodeling company?

You look for the same warning signs as you would for any suspicious business. You should especially be concerned if the company gives you a quick low price and is in a hurry to start. Any pressure tactics are inappropriate and often a red flag, and if you attempt to perform due diligence on these types of companies, you’ll often find there is no company at all. There are far too many competent, experienced, legitimate remodeling companies in our area for anyone to have to fall into the hands of unethical outfits.

Do I want a contractor that will only work with the required building permits and according to the current building codes and regulations?

The short answer is YES. You are protecting yourselves and your investment. Short cuts may seem expedient and harmless on occasion, but exercise extreme caution before you decide to step outside of the lines, and don’t trust a contractor who appears interested in cutting corners. Remember that building codes are constantly changing and only a reliable contractor will stay abreast of these changes and implement all changes as quickly as possible.

Should I have a budget before I call a contractor and should I tell him what investment I am comfortable with?

Well, the answer to this one is not altogether simple. First, you always have some idea of what you want to spend, and almost always you know the upper limit of what you can spend. Second, you are usually not well equipped to guess how much your renovation should cost. Our advice is to first concentrate on finding a contractor who meets your criteria and with whom you are comfortable. Then it is appropriate and helpful to at least share some investment parameters, if not exact figures, so that design work can be accurate and reasonable.

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